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Management of water quality addresses the problems that are related to water quality and water valuable uses. The control on water pollution depends on adequate treatment and elimination of wastewater (Krenkel at el, 1980). Goel (2006) refers to pollutant water giving a broader definition depending on the physical and chemical properties and biological characteristics causing harmful effects on human life according to required uses of water. Goel (2006) mentions the changes that occur in the natural water properties making it unfit for drinking or household, industrial and agricultural uses. In recent year, the challenges of water management on the world are very difficult to provide the fresh water and to improve the water quality …show more content…
The decline and deterioration of water quality occurs when the amount of water is overstretched. This mainly effects on the areas such as wastewater treatment of household and industrial water, water recycling for health care system (Rivett, 2011). In the other hand, the status of the lack of infrastructure and because of their age these are originally occur with the discharge of contaminated waste liquid and solid directly to the surrounding environment and which find their way into surface water or groundwater(Grand-Clement at el., …show more content…
Firstly, residues of industrial wastewater pollution are a factory waste considered one of the biggest sources of the pollution of rivers, seas and oceans. These residues contain a lot of toxic chemicals, which are discharged into water bodies such as rivers and seas banks or agricultural or sewage. The types of various chemicals depend on the type of existing industries also depend on the type of treatment which take place in each factory, whereas, most of the factories are share in ditched a lot of materials such as acids and bases, detergents, dyes and certain phosphorus compounds and toxic heavy metals, such as lead and mercury, which is caused by the heavily polluted water that is received (Al-Baz at el.,

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