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Water treatment
Water, tasteless, transparent no color and occupies a large space on our planet. It is the most familiar liquid on planet earth. It takes the form of ice as solid and liquid form it covers more than 70% of the earth. It is present in various amounts in our atmosphere. About all of our living tissue are made of water, it consist about 80% of muscle tissue, and 60% of red blood cells, and more than half of other tissues. Not only for human but also for others living organisms on earth. With two thirds of the earth surface covered of water and 75% of the human body, it is clear that water is the most important and responsible element for life on earth. Water passes through a stable cycle called “the water cycle”. During this cycle
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The membranes are cleaned by air scouring; this way prevents waste water from being produced.
Ultraviolet Désinfection-ultraviolet lampes are provided. These lamps protect water from pathogens.
Chlorination-Finally, chlorine is added to the water which it protects it while the water is stored. It is the only time any chemicals are used throughout the treatment process.
Treated water storage-the result of this process is clean water kept in storage for future use in different applications including toilet flushing washing machines it also can be used in the field.
1.3 Benefits of Grey water
Water recycling has become an attractive option for saving our water and conserving water supply in many countries that faces water problems. This recycled water can be used for non-potable purposes such as agricultural and landscape irrigation, toilet flushing. Other use of treated grey water can be in air conditioning and fire suppression.These applications do not requires high quality water. Recycle of grey water protects the most important source in our life by decreasing the use of freshwater also it

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