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What does it mean to be an American? That depends on who you ask, many people often think of Americans as fat and lazy slobs who mettle to much in other people affairs, living off the backs of lesser countries to sustain there egocentric existence. Others including most Americans think of the classic typical patriot, who has multiple weapons, is constantly looking over their shoulder and drives in an over sized truck with an American flag at the back. Being an American is being a Patriot, loving your country men, and your country but not afraid to challenge either in the pursuit of life liberty and happiness for all. America has sense its creation been a diverse multicultural country making blanket statements about feelings and behaviors of its inhabitants impossible. However I think everyone is in some way a Patriot which I equate to being the one defining trait of an American. The simple definition of patriotism is an emotional attachment to ones country. I think this definition has more to it than meets the eye, when you consider the principles this country was built on. This country was built on hard work and determination; the hardships endured only serve to …show more content…
However this belief that your county is the best and the government is always right is the antithesis of what America stands for. Mark Twain says this best by saying “Loyalty to the Nation all the time, loyalty to the Government whet it deserves it.” I think this quote encapsulates the essence of how Americans feel about their government and county. Americans are always willing to help one another, and even fight one another to secure their rights guaranteed to them by the founding fathers and countless other Americans throughout this nations history. We aren't willing to roll over and let corrupt ideas try to poison the free nature and democracy of this

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