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Essay On Why I Want To Become A Pilot

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Q: Why did you choose to become a pilot, or did you originally dream to become a pilot?
A: Well, when I was your age, yeah, probably even younger, whenever I see airplanes, you know, because my mom used to go abroad when I was small and then, so, when she's away and whenever I see airplanes in the sky, people say I usually point to that plane and then I guess, probably that's why I wanted to become a pilot, to go to places because I can see pictures of her in other countries, nice places, probably that's why I wanted to become one.

Q: What are the requirements to pilot school?
A: Requirements. In the first place, I got mine when I joined the Air Force, so in my experience, I can say that in the Air Force, at first, you must be commissioned officer—that is a lieutenant—then you must be able to pass a competitive examination, then you must also pass a rigid medical exam, and after that you must finish the two-year flying training in the Airforce. In the civilian world, I think, the requirement in the cilivian world, you must have a four-year college degree, preferably something that is technical but
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The first thing in [flight] training, after a couple of flights—if I can remember it right, it was a long time ago—on the eighth hour or like on the eighth flight, you have to fly solo without any instructor. That is to overcome the confidence—so that you must have the confidence to overcome the fear so that they will let you fly alone so, yeah. If you're going to have a pilot as a career, during the early days of your training, confidence is already being buildt up on you so that is to overcome the fear, so that you won't have any fear—like in my case, I'm in the airline industry, I'm carrying like a hundred-eighty passengers [on] every flight, it won't look good if you [have] fear on the flight deck so a pilot must not have any fear or anything when doing his

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