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I. Introduction a. Audience Hook: Is online education more effective than traditional in class education? Studies for the Department of Education show that online learners perform better than students in traditional classrooms. (Http:// b. Thesis statement: Researchers suggest that individuals perform better online due to the flexibility of setting your school and work schedule, the cost of online education, and the flexibility in completing assignments. c. Main points: i. Flexibility of setting your school and work schedule accordingly ii. The cost of online education iii. The ease of posting assignments

II. Students who attend school online have the ability to set their study schedule accordingly to their own personal needs. (Http://

a. Attending school online is an excellent choice for individuals who juggle a full time or part-time job and a family at the same time.

i. Students are able to set their schedule and the number of hours they can devote to school per week. With computer and internet availability they can set their own hours.

ii. Students develop a study routine, and do not have to deal with the stress of having to work and attend a classroom at the same time. (Http:// Not only can they schedule their learning, but they have the advantage of accessing learning materials online, and the flexibility of being able to take exams where you can schedule them convenient with your schedule.

III. The cost of certain programs of studies can be more affordable online. i. The cost of gas, parking, or public transportation is omitted, such as expenses for room and...

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