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Assignment 2: Ted Talk Analysis

IST 235: Gender and the Global Information Technology Sector

Spring 2016: Kayla Booth

This is an exercise in applying class material to understand and challenge ideas about masculinity and femininity in the workplace. This assignment requires an analysis of two Ted Talks: “Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders” and “New Data on the Rise of Women.” You are being asked to demonstrate critical thinking about the arguments being made in each talk and how they relate to one another. Additionally, you are to discuss how each speaker uses data to support her points and how each talk relates to class concepts.

To complete this assignment, listen to the two Ted Talks posted in Angel. The links are located in the “Assignments” folder under the “Lessons” tab. Write a 3 page (double spaces, 12 point, one-inch margins) paper addressing the following items:

1) In what ways are the arguments made in these two Ted Talks similar / different? For example, do they build on or refute one another? What would be an example? Which argument do you agree with and why? 2) Compare the data presented by each speaker. What insights have you gained about the way statistics can be collected, used, and interpreted to make an argument? 3) How does the argument made by each speaker relate to one or more of the concepts surrounding masculinity and femininity discussed in class? Cite the date of the specific class lectures in which these concepts were discussed. 4) How can you explain the differences between Larson’s comments (assigned reading from Feb 5th) and Hannah Rosin’s talk?

You will be graded on completeness in covering all of the items above. You will also be graded on the depth of your response. That is, are your statements supported with examples, details, personal analysis and/or connections to class lectures and…...

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