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Executive Summary

This is a critical assessment of Giorgio Armani 'The Leading Fashion Brand'. In this report there would be the critically review of the current status of the organisation. There would be the analyse of current business strategies of the organisation and would try to develop a future strategy for the company.

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Executive Summary2
Content summary3
Current position5
The Brand segmentation5.1
BCG Matrix5.2
SWOT Analysis7
Competitive Advantage 7.1
PESTLE Analysis8
Market Philosophy8.1
Market Analysis8.2
Bargaining Power9
Future & Recommendations9.1
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Armani is one of the worlds leading fashion brand. The Armani group has 250 outlets in 37 countries.

Giorgio Armani the founder of Armani brnad was born on July 11, 1934 in Northern Italy. Giorgio Armani worked as a buyer for ''La Rinascente'' department store for seven years. Then he worked as a fashion designer for Hitma, Nino Cerroti's men's clothing company. Armani established his own company ''Giorgio Armani'' on July 24,1975 with his partner Sergio Galeotti. And by the end of the decade Armani fashion house has been counted in worlds leading fashion house.

Current Position

Today Armani organisation has a great retail network around the world. It has its own 60 Giorgio Armani Boutiques, 11 Collezioni, 122 Emporio Armani, 94 Armani Exchange, 13 Armani Junior, 1 Giorgio Armani accessori , 16 Armani Casa, all over the 37 different countries.

With many sub-brands under one roof Armani has fulfiled the specific needs of the different market segments. By this not only Giorgio Armani become one of the respected brand in fashion industry, It is also one of the highly valued and highly truseted fashion copmanies in...

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