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AP Psychology Midterm Study Supplements

Unit I: Psychology’s Perspectives & Treatments
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| | | |
|1. denial |Failure to accept reality |Refusing to accept the death of a close |
| | |friend or relative; refusing to accept that|
| | |your relationship with a romantic friend is|
| | |over |
|2. displacement |The transfer of negative feelings about someone to |You are very angry with your mother and you|
| |someone else |take out that anger in dealing with your |
| | |sister or best friend |
|3. projection |Putting (projecting) negative feelings on someone else |Blaming your teacher for failing a test |
| | |when you did not study |
|4. rationalization |Justifying irrational behavior |Not doing your homework one evening because|
| | |you feel you’ve spent too much of your time|

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