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In the essential guide to effective studying document, I currently use the study tips set study goals and reward yourself. One of the study goals that I use is finish my assignments before the due date. I try to finish the assignment so I can have a lot of time to do another assignment. I like to reward myself after I accomplish all my study goals. I reward myself by playing a videogame and watching YouTube.
Two tips from the essential guide to effective studying document that I would like to incorporate into my study routine are limit your study time and master the material. I spend too much time studying. I study until all the studying is done. I spend all day studying and doing assignments until they are done. Instead of reviewing the lectures after class, I wait a day or two to review the lectures.
I will incorporate limit your study time and master the material into my study routine. I will limit my study time by taking more than one day to study and do assignments. I will take only one to two hour a day to do each study session. I will review each lecture right after class is finished. After each class I will start my assignment. I will at least think of ways to do the assignment after the lecture.
I will use my new study skills on my self assessment from the previous phase by making them an opportunity for my future success. I will make them an opportunity by overcoming my poor math study skills. Whenever I have a math class, I will review each lecture right after class. I will manage my time by studying for math every day. I will limit my time to about two hours each day of study. After I study I will reward myself by relaxing my mind with some videogame…...

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