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Est Task 2

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EST1 Task 2


Welcome to the Company X team! We are pleased that you have chosen our company as your place of employment, and we hope that both you and the company will find the employment relationship to be a mutually satisfying one.

Company X aims to provide a positive, open work environment in which all employees can thrive. To translate our commitment to action, the following principles will guide our actions and dictate our management practices. We recognize these principles as the standards we all share and that we should mutually accept.

Section A: Standards and Procedures

1. Conflicts of Interest
All employees must make appropriate business judgments and actions based upon the best interests here at Company X. All employees must abstain from using personal circumstances such as investments, association, and relationships that conflict or appear to conflict with the interests within the company. It is mandatory that each employee perform duties with great integrity, and not involve any activities that could devastate our reputation.

2. Health, Safety, and Security
We are dedicated to manage the highest guidelines for our customers and all employees who conduct business within each of our establishments. This can be supported by being aware of the rules and laws for healthy and safety regulations that apply for the company, which will be posted and updated when necessary. It is the employee’s obligation to immediately report all accidents, injuries or unsafe procedures or conditions to your manager.

3. Gifts, Kickbacks and Loans
Employees must be cautious that their behavior cannot reasonably be translated as a loan, bribe or other inappropriate inducement to attain a business action or inappropriately impact the recipient.

4. Confidentiality
An employee must maintain all confidential information...

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