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Social Responsibility is a concept that lends the idea to companies and corporations that they should have practices and act upon things that have a positive outcome or repercussion is society, rather than be solely focused on maximizing profits (Investopedia, 2015).
Company Q is facing an ethical dilemma by not wanting to donate left over food, specifically the higher-priced health foods, to food shelters because they believe their employees may lie about donating it.
Company Q is demonstrating a negative social responsibility. They are demonstrating this in two ways. First, by closing their branches in high-crime areas, they are leaving a void for the public. Higher-crimes areas are typically littered with low-income areas and families. When Company Q sells their healthier items at a higher-price in high-crime/low-income areas, there will be a need that people cannot have met which may result in theft, which could explain Company Q’s loss of profit. Secondly, by refusing to donate excess food to food shelters, Company Q gives off the impression that a profit of any kind is better than helping a neighbor in need. Company Q does not demonstrate compassion in the act of throwing out the food, which is still edible, because this action will result in the food not being used by anyone.
Company Q can implement three strategies of thinking to help improve their social responsibility, reduce employee theft, and better their reputation for their brand; those strategies are nurturing company and employee loyalty, implementing an employer-match program, and joining a reach-out movement in their community. By implanting these strategies to development a better brand name, Company Q could increase sales and profits, while still practicing excellent social responsibility.
First, Company Q can nurture company and employee loyalty. What this means is, help employees…...

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