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Company Q’s foundation in not built on social responsibility. Based on the recent closure of two large grocery stores within the same relatively close geographical location, it's clear that their foundation is not built on profitability either. Company Q needs the restart their engine and focus on these two goals: profitability for their investors and social responsibility to the areas they serve. Areas that are riddled with economic poverty face the overbearing challenge of a workforce lacking sustainable jobs. Large employers such as Company Q help the overall well being of a community by providing employment and resources. Company Q needs an overhaul in socially responsive attitude if it is going to rebuild its reputation in the community and regain profits. Community outreach, customer satisfaction, employee commitment and investor loyalty have all become major factors in making the transition from disrespected looser to heralded community leader.

Gaining employee commitment and trust is the first step in reimagining this failing grocery store chain. Company Q's leadership needs to guide behavior and build trust through involvement. Company Q leadership is concerned about employees stealing the product that would otherwise be donated. Employees need to have a sense of ownership and responsibility within their individual roles and relate this to the goals of the company. This helps to empower the employee to think and act in ways that make them feel as though they are contributing to not only the profitably of the company but also the well being of the. To do this there needs to be training of both managers and their subordinates on community values and company values. Company Q needs to form work groups to understand why customers are asking for health-conscience and organic products and are there other products or other services that…...