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American Apparel Clothing Allowance Policy Spring 2014
Seasonal Clothing Allowance Policy
A new seasonal clothing allowance structure has been approved for the Spring! Employees will now choose their allowance from a select list of styles (see attached storyboard).      First Season: March 1st — August 31st Second Season: September 1st — February 28th Seasonal Clothing Allowance is for American Apparel Retail employees only. The Seasonal Clothing Allowance categories will be the same for both Regular Retail and Outlet Store Employees. New hires will receive their clothing allowance from the Flea Market. If your city does not have a Flea Market, they will be ordered from Candy Wheeler.

Position Summary
The seasonal allowance will still be separated by position, and the retail value will remain the same (i.e. Sales Team will receive $180 worth of clothing, at retail price). Here is the position summary:     District Management Store Manager, Assistant Manager, Backstock Coordinator Keyholders, Merchandisers, Assistant Backstock Coordinator Sales Team, Cashiers, Backstock

Guidelines & Instructions
  Print the attached storyboard All clothing/accessories have been separated alphabetically by Category and Gender. Female Employees Category A – Tops Category B – Tops Category C – Bodysuits Category D – Bottoms Category E – Bottoms Category F – Dresses/Rompers Category G – Hair Accessories Category H – Jewelry Category I – Belts Category J – Hosiery Male Employees Category A – Tops Category B – Tops Category C – Bottoms Category D – Belts Category E – Hats

Spring 2014

Seasonal Clothing Allowance Policy |1

    

Employees will get to choose “X” number of pieces from each category, according to their position. If you see “Choose 0”, it means your position cannot choose an item from that particular Category. Employees cannot shop across the

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