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What are the three dimensions to business problems? Provide examples of each.
Organizational Dimension is a common problem within a business. What this means is that with all of the information that is gathered by a company, the information is not put in a way that is easily used. It could also be that the information is more like raw data and is not suitable for use in a practical manner. The Technology dimension is another issue that companies face and I feel this is a big issue. Within a company that spends money to keep their technology up to date in order to compete with other similar companies, this can be a very expensive and time consuming task. Because of this most companies decide to keep the “old” system in place because it works. Well that old system may work for now but it isn’t being as efficient as it could be. This could cost some companies millions of dollars in revenue. Within this dimension, old outdated technology; both hardware and software are the issue. The final dimension is the people dimension. The People in this dimension are the actual employees at the company. The problem with them would be the lack of skill and/or training. Management problems and even the work environment also account for a part of this issue.

What is the difference between IT and information systems? Describe some functions of information systems.
The main differences between the two are that Information Technology and Information systems are quite clear. IT is the hardware and software associated within the company. This can be the computers, software and even ipods. Information Systems on the other hand is the components the sort and gather data that allows help in the decision making process. The real time information system would be considered the bread and butter of any company. Allowing managers to see information in real time allowing them to make choices based on the most recent facts. A company linked with a supplier in another country can communicate purchases made as they are made. This allows the supplier to provide the needed materials when they are needed. Taking the manual tasks of the past out of the hands of the employees and allowing the information system to stream line the company.

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