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Eth Team Papper Week 2

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WorldCom brought in Farrell Malone into because of a situation that Mrs. Cooper had found. Mrs. Cooper found expenditures jumping from account to account. At first Mr. Malone did not see a reason to purse an investigation, but Mrs. Cooper decided that there was further investigation needed.
Mrs. Cooper looked into the report and realized that something was wrong with the reports and confronted Mr. Bobbitt about the findings. Mr. Bobbitt in the audit committee would take a look and see if the findings that Mrs. Cooper were valid. After finding that the findings were valid she then contact Mr. Farrell and he did an external investigation.
After further investigation that the mid-level accounting directors Mr. Normand had confessed to just going along with what Mr. Sullivan had explained to him about the reports because he was afraid to tell anyone and wanted to resign. He was afraid that if he told anyone that he would lose his job and had a family to support.
When looking at WorldCom situation it was good that the internal auditor committee took charge of the situation when it was brought to them. That was very ethical and then to have the external auditors take over to review the matter was the right step. Now the fact that you had an accountant that your CFO making false reports and switching money around is not very ethical. Not only did your CFO bring another person into the fraudulent reports, but now an external investigation has to be done and reported. There will be hefty fines and jail time for people in the company that went along with unethical behavior.
The accounting activity was and was not affected by the internal stakeholders because some people are not directly affected by the unethical behavior and fraud that certain individuals have posted. Now the external stakeholders could be affected by the reports that are false. If a lender thought...

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