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Dear Peer Review Committee and/or Hospital Trustees,
The purpose of this memorandum is to provide you with facts of three possible candidates that need a heart transplant and the ethical dilemmas surrounding this decision that must be made.
One of the great and ongoing situations that calls for ethical decision making is the reality that there is almost always a greater need for something than there is a supply to meet the need. We may end up choosing a path that appears to be ethical today, but may not produce the best results tomorrow.
If we apply John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham’s theory, then we may come to know that the consequences may not be as desirable as we are expecting them to be if we transplant Lisa’s heart. Lisa is a young girl and has got a whole life ahead. We may transplant her heart on the grounds that if she recovers she may do wonders for her family and the society later on. Secondly, her father Dr. Doe is also donating an exorbitant amount of cash that is expected to help the hospital meet its financial needs. In addition, as Lisa is not expected to survive in her twenties, then all our efforts may go in vain if she is not able to live for a longer period.
Let’s take Ozzie, he has lived a lifestyle that really does not give him any outlook that would affect him or anyone else as he has no family that really relies on him. He really had destroyed his life himself knowing the consequences of his drug abuse all though he has chosen the right path now by staying sober and clean he is now helping troubled teens not to follow in his footsteps. His work does not have to end upon of his death; it can be carried on through his last teachings.
Now Jerry, he is a father of three children ages fourteen, sixteen, and nineteen. In addition his wife Joanie helps at home but has no education beyond high school and no career leaving her with no...

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