Ethic Situations in Business

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Veronica Knox
Ethic Situations in Business
September 18, 2013

Part A: Evaluate Company Q’s current attitude toward social responsibility.

Company Q’s current attitude toward social responsibility seems to be obsolete. Company Q appears to be one of a company which is implementing decision making out of frustration based on a series of events experience by the company which has impacted the company profit making ability.
However, social responsibility calls for Company Q to act on the benefit of society or in this case the community at large. As a small grocery store the company depends on the business of locals in their surrounding areas in order to generate revenue. However, the fact that some of their stores are in higher crime areas this deters consumers from shopping in their stores which leads to a low profits and high expense for the inventory they carry in their stores.

The passage mentioned that Company Q has had to close a couple of stores because of the higher crime rate in the areas of these locations. Therefore, it is likely that the company would not be thinking about social responsibility when asked by area food bank for donation of day old products. Frustration would be a logical justification for why Company Q would cite loss of revenue due to possible fraud and stealing by employees because the donations should actually have a positive effect by improving company, employee and community relations.

If Company Q proceeded with actually donating their health conscience and organic items this could eventually lead to an increase in revenue. Many people are now more conscience of the products they consume and often times when items are donated they are distributed at events within the community. In many cases when food is used by donation the source of the donation is mention. This means free publicity for Company Q which can increase…...