Ethic Statement

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Ethical Statement
Most people do not realize that your ethical perspective is very important. These are your morals that can affect your daily life from friends, school, and your workplace. Each person will have their own personal ethics and what they believe in. Most of your ethical perspectives come from the way you are raised and how you grow up.
When I did my personal ethical lens I learned that my personal preferred lens is equality and sensibility. I want to make sure that everyone gets treated with fairness and justice in everything that they do. I always was taught to give everyone a fair shot and not to judge people so quickly. I was always taught not to react fast and always think things through.
I have learned about my blind spots doing my ethical lens that I did not know before. It says my blind spots are working overconfidence in the process or unrealistic role expectations. I have learned I develop unrealistic role expectations forgetting the individuals can fail at things regardless of their role and that I trust too much in the process. I think having good ethics in personal, professional, and school is a very good thing to have. I believe every situation is unique and I do not believe in judging anyone until you know their story and should be treated equal.
My strengths in having good ethics and knowing my morals are to give me a chance of knowing right from wrong. It gives me a chance to be consistent and flexible in my personal, work, and school environment. My strengths in having good ethics in a workplace will create people to trust me, and they will know I will make sound decisions. In school environment it gives the chance to show I can do my work or a project with others in a positive way with no problems. My weakness is that by trusting and giving everyone the chance they can take advantage of me. They will see that I…...