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The term ethics comes from the Greek word “ethos” which mean character or attitude and personality. Some philosopher defined that ethics as one of the research towards morality and some said that ethic is also the behavior principles that control the individuals or profession as a standard in making decision or action. For the technocrat group, ethics is linked with study on standard of morale issue. Ethics played an important role in a person life because ethics really show the person morale whether its good or bad. Ethics have many theories that explained the principles that can be used in designing the good personalities in oneself. One of the important theory is the Consequentialist Theory, The Consequentialist Theory is divided into many theories such as the egoism and utilitarianism ethics. We should learn about ethics in our daily lifes and anywhere we are.
There are four (4) resources in the value of ethics. The resources are religion, philosophy, the culture experience and also law..
3.1. Religion
Religion is the main and oldest resources in the values of ethics. Religion played an important role in building the ethics value in oneself and as well as the organization. For the individual that are Muslim, they are tied with the ethics value that is stated in the holy Quran which was left behind by the prophet Muhammad which was written in the hadith. Whereas other religion they are also tied to their ethics value based on the religion thought .
3.2. Philosophy System
Philosophy System starts more than 2000 years ago, where during that time many new thoughts that had been establish in evaluating ethics. Most of the views and thoughts was not acceptable and had been debated among the ethics thinker.

3.3. Culture Experience
Each culture have the ethics value which are their…...