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Personal Ethical Statement
T. Thorn
GEN 200
August 21, 2013

Personal Ethical Statement
This essay will illustrate my personal ethical statement. It will describe what I learned from the ethical lens inventory activity. How personal ethics is define in my life. How I would react to a situation with my personal ethics.
The ethical lens inventory identified my preferred lens to be the rights and responsibility and relationship. This lens is the one that uses rational thinking, independence by following the rules and the same treatment no favoritism. My blind spot in this lens is I have a habit of trying to fix and control everything even when it is unnecessary. My strengths are that I believe that everyone should be treated fairly, able to problem solve for fairness and loyal. My weaknesses are I can be a judgmental, over ambitious, guilty if I can’t fix the situation and bossy. My values and behavior tend to conflict causing a personal confusion. (Ethic Game, 2013)
I researched the definition of personal ethic is basic principles and values govern interactions among individuals. (Business Dictionary, 2013) My definition of personal ethics is my value and beliefs that help me decide my actions in moral situations. When particular situations occur I have the ability to make sound and fair decisions. If I feel that my point is correct that I will fight for my opinion or to get my point across. My overall definition is to give everyone a chance, consider all ideas and voice my opinion.
My personal ethics could be helpful asset to determine proper reaction to situations. My ability to think, analyze and solve the problem. To make overall decisions in ethical situations I use rational decisions, self -awareness and fairness. There will be situations that my personal ethics cannot solve the problem which is a value that causes conflict for me.