The Mayor of a large city was given a free membership in an exclusive golf club by people who have received several city contracts. He also accepted gifts from organizations that have not done business with the City but might in the future. The gifts ranged from $200 tickets to professional sports events to designer watches and jewelry.

The Mayor was being ethical to receive these gifts because he was being polite, nonetheless by accepting this gifts the he could get himself in a controversial situation because he doesn’t do business with some of these organizations he is taking those gifts from. Furthermore when he received these gifts from these organizations, they might think that he has no other choice but to make business with them. I believe that Locke would have to address the situation in the same way, by accepting the gifts and acting as a polite person and I believe that he would have had future opportunities to make a relationship with these organizations.
A college instructor is pursuing her doctorate in night school. To gain extra time for her own studies, she gives her students the same lectures, the same assignments, and the same examinations semester after semester without the slightest effort to improve them.

The professor decision does not ethically justify her actions because she is giving them the same lecture, the same assignments and the same examinations for her own benefit and not for her students. She is acting selfish and unethical because she is not doing what she is supposed to do and also getting paid for a job that she is not really putting any effort in. I think that Locke would probably agree with the college instructor, because she still providing them information such as lectures, assignments and examinations even though the college instructor is…...