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Ethica Lense Perspective

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Ethical Lens Perspective

The results of my ethical lens inventory were very informative. My preferred lens was identified as “none”. I was almost right in the middle of the lens grid, but this did not apparently mean I was well balanced. According to the report, I either have a mature ability to use the right tools in a given situation or I am paralyzed in the belief that everyone has a valid point. I would like to think I am a little of both, and because I do have a lot of work experience in various different fields I think I tend to lean more towards the ability to use the right tools.
My core values are autonomy, equality, rationality and sensibility; which means I can see how protecting individual rights and the communities well-being are connected. For me, the best solution is both consistent and flexible. My classical values are temperance, prudence, justice and fortitude. I think this means I’m pretty even keeled and that I am pretty calm and fair when dealing with various different situations. My key phrase is “I make ethical choices for myself and others” and my definition of ethical behavior is “Do the right thing”. The descriptions in the report says this best – I define an ethical person as one who does the right thing, but don’t judge others when they fall short as long as their intentions were honorable; when any core values conflict, I look for a way to harmonize them and help others to do the same.
My tools for analyzing problems are reason, experience, authority and tradition. My gift is balance and I have no blind spot. My risk is inaction, which means I run the risk of being indecisive if I find myself lacking the courage of taking action in my convictions. My temptation is superiority, my vice is insistence on agreement, and my crisis is confusion which all lead me to my results for seeing clearly which are to listen to my heart, use my head...

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