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Ethical Case Analysis Case 1
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C6440 Ethics in Counseling
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Outline of 3 – 5 page APA Paper for Ethical Case Analysis
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2. Introduction
3. Body of Paper with titles for each section
4. Conclusion
5. References

Ethical Case Analysis Case 1
In this paper Case #1 will be summarized the ethical problem in the case will be identified; the nature and dimension of the ethical dilemma will be identified; specific current ACA, AMHCA, AAMFT, and ASCA ethical codes and the State of Florida Chapter 491 Statutes that may have bearing will be identified; potential courses of action which can be taken with their potential consequences will be identified and finally the best course of action to be taken in this case will be identified. (REMEMBER: the stimulus questions, which are attached to the Case in the syllabus, are only there to help you have a better understanding of the ethical dimensions of the case. Do not respond to the stimulus items in this paper, only address the key points which are required in this review.)

Ethical Problem in the Case Section 1

In this section you FIRST must briefly describe the scenario of the case, which you are presenting. Then you must clearly identify the ethical problem and here it would be good to cite some principle of ethics from some code, or some statute from Chapter 491, or some examples from the textbook to support your contention.

Nature and Dimension of the Ethical Dilemma Section 2
In this section it is imperative that you include an understanding of the theoretical underpinning of Ethics. You will need to point out the principle and virtue ethics components (Corey et al., 2003, p. 13) of your approach to this case. You might…...