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Letter from Ceo

...LETTER FROM THE CEO In this case, we will study the letter of the CEO of the company PEPSI. * Regarding the first point to discussed, corporate social responsibility/ responsiveness/ performance: All these concept deals about the Corporate Citizenship, and this is because the Corporate Social Responsibility may also be referred to as "corporate citizenship" and can involve incurring short-term costs that don´t provide an immediate financial benefit to the company, but promote positive social and environmental change. Letter from the Pepsi CEO emphasizes on the fact that “Today, a company’s profits are inextricably tied to the prosperity of its consumers, customers, employees, communities and society writ large”. Is important the responsiveness having the company for the changes happening in society, and implement actions that encourage the development of the company, focused not only on economic issues. * Stakeholders/sustainability/voluntariness aspects of CSR. Regarding stakeholders Indra K. Nooyi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, think that if communities suffer as a result of a company’s actions, those returns are not sustainable. The profits are inextricably tied to the prosperity of its consumers, customers, employees, communities and society. PepsiCo has three pillars of sustainability: Human, Environmental and Talent. These three pillars form the foundation of what they call Performance with Purpose, and they help to drive his financial......

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Corporate Social Responsability

...Business & Society Corporate Social Responsibility: Evolution of a Definitional Construct Archie B. Carroll Business Society 1999; 38; 268 DOI: 10.1177/000765039903800303 The online version of this article can be found at: Published by: On behalf of: International Association for Business and Society Additional services and information for Business & Society can be found at: Email Alerts: Subscriptions: Reprints: Permissions: Citations Downloaded from at Biblioteca di Ateneo - Trento on April 28, 2010 Carroll / CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY BUSINESS & SOCIETY / September 1999 Corporate Social Responsibility Evolution of a Definitional Construct ARCHIE B. CARROLL University of Georgia There is an impressive history associated with the evolution of the concept and definition of corporate social responsibility (CSR). In this article, the author traces the evolution of the CSR construct beginning in the 1950s, which marks the modern era of CSR. Definitions expanded during the 1960s and proliferated during the 1970s. In the 1980s, there were fewer new definitions, more empirical research, and alternative themes...

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Corporate Social Responsibility

...WHAT IS CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OR CSR? For long it was argued that the role of businesses was purely economical and that economics was the parameter on the basis of which their success or failure was to be determined. Corporations, since eons, have been regarded as the providers of jobs, products and services and it was believed that they are only financially responsible and profit making is their only motive. But recent times have seen a departure from that tradition and now CSR is being taken up in a broader societal context, mainly due to globalisation and the change in the ecological balance. They stakeholders i.e. the employees, community, suppliers and shareholders are redefining the role of the corporations. As a result of this particular kind of shift, many organisations have started endorsing the idea of businesses leaving the purely economic front and blending in some societal dimension as well. THE HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE OF CSR: CSR is not a new concept. It has been there since always though not necessarily by this name. Various ancient scriptures mention that businesses should be run ethically and more importantly, they should benefit the deprived section of the society. It has always been said that those who are privileged must lend a helping hand to those who aren’t. Chanakya, the teacher and guardian of Chandragupta Maurya, in his book ‘Arthashastra’ emphasised that ethical means be used while operating businesses. It is often argued that the......

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