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Activity 8.5 - Discussion: International Aviation
I. Answer at least one of the following discussion questions in the respective thread of the Module 8 - International Aviation Discussion Board forum. * Topic 1 – NextGen and Unmanned Air Vehicles
Describe the advantages of NextGen Technology and why it is important that it be implemented in our National Airspace. * Topic 2 - Treaties
Discuss one of the primary Conventions, Protocols, or Treaties that affect international aviation today. * Topic 3 - ICAO
Explain the purposes and accomplishments of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
II. Read and comment on the answers posted by your classmates. You are only required to answer one of the two discussion questions, but please do read the thoughts of your classmates on both topics and engage one another in lively discussions.


The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) was a result of the Chicago Convention becoming officially in 1947. The mission statement of the ICAO was to its aims and objectives are to develop the principles and techniques of international aviation and to foster the planning and development of international air transport, to as to meet the needs of the international civil aviation community. The ICAO has different purposes:
1) Safe and orderly growth of civil aviation
2) Aircraft design and operation for peaceful services
3) Development of airports, airways, and air navigation facilities for international civil aviation
It specifically undertook and establish international standards for aircraft airworthiness certification, flight crew certification, communications, and radio aids to navigation. It also establish the principles and procedures for the economic regulation of international routes, fares and frequencies. The ICAO adopts and publishes technical standards referred to as Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) that govern the international civil air transportation the world over. Providing uniformity and consistency that contributed the safety and the smooth operation of international civil aviation. The ICAO proposes amendments and additions to SAPRs as technology advances and conditions changes such as satellite systems concepts. It will coordinate navigation, communications, and surveillance/air traffic management. It also addressed through its TRAINAIR program, which aims at improving the quality and efficiency of aviation training, and the human factors program directed toward reducing the impact of human performance limitations. It also led to the creation of programs related to education, environment, including noise issues and emissions affecting the ozone layer, problems involving multiple taxation, airport, and route facility management, statistics, economics analysis, legal matters including treaty drafting and interpretation of law and security.

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