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Ethical Behavior Consult

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Branko BUČAR, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana
Mateja DRNOVŠEK, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

Address all correspondence to:
Branko Bučar
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics
Kardeljeva ploščad 17, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


The primary concern of the article is to validate the scale of ethical behavior construct developed in previous research. We examined the internal consistency of the modified Newstrom and Ruch’s (1975) scale for the measurement of the ethical behavior construct. We based this study on the model by Akaah and Lund (1994) about the influence of personal and organizational values on ethical behavior in the entrepreneurial context. We concluded that the six-dimensional construct of ethical behavior cannot be supported in the same way as proposed by Akaah and Lund (1994) and proposed several modifications to the measurement scale.


Glavni namen tega članka je preveriti meritveno lestvico konstrukta etičnega obnašanja, ki je bila razvita v prejšnjih študijah. Proučili smo notranjo konsistentnost spremenjene meritvene lestvice, ki sta jo originalno razvila Newstrom in Ruch (1975). Študijo smo zasnovali na Akaah in Lundovem (1994) modelu vplivov osebnih in organizacijskih vrednot na etično obnašanje, pri čemer smo model preučili v podjetniškem kontekstu. Ugotovili smo, da šest-dimenzionalni konstrukt etičnega obnašanja, ki sta ga razvila Akaah in Lund (1994), ni podprt s podatki in smo posledično predlagali spremembe v meritveni lestvici.


In today’s uncertain business environment shaken by a myriad of corporate scandals we must re-evaluate the role of business ethics in the entrepreneurial...

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