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Ethical Challenges

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Ethical Challenges

1. You are an executive for a U.S. oil firm interested in forming a partnership with an Iranian oil producer. This will be a challenge because of the poor relations between the United States and Iran over the years. Since the early 1980s the United States has drawn fire from the business community for imposing economic sanctions (similar to an embargo) against Iran for primarily political reasons. Those sanctions disallow international trade and investment between U.S. and Iranian businesspeople. Business leaders in the United States would like the sanctions removed so they can be included in lucrative Iranian oil and gas deals in which firms from other countries are engaging. Other sanction opponents wonder if a policy of offering “all stick and no carrot” is undermining social and political change in Iran because the offending regime goes largely unpunished while ordinary citizens suffer. What arguments would you present to the U.S. government for removing sanctions on Iran? Do you think that one country, acting alone, can bring about reforms through the use of economic sanctions or embargoes?
2. You are the president of a sugar company based in southern Florida. Your firm is struggling lately to meet demand because of poor harvests in the Caribbean Islands, where your firm sources much of its raw product. Because of the Helms–Burton Act and the U.S. embargo on Cuba, your firm is not allowed to trade with Cuba. If the embargo were dropped, your firm would have an excellent source of cheap sugar, and profits would improve significantly. A U.S. senator from your state of Florida serves on an influential committee in Washington, D.C., that is reviewing the status of the embargo on Cuba. What arguments would you provide your senator that could help eliminate this trade barrier?
3. You are a consultant advising the World Trade Organization (WTO)…...

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