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3.3 Seek Assistance: This ethical code deals with a Marriage and family therapist who might need to seek appropriate processional help for personal problems and conflict that might occur or may impair work performance. (AAMFT) This has to deal with a therapist who might have an issues that is brought up during a session, if a Marriage and Family therapist is working with a client and an issue dealing with adultery comes up the counselor might have had a similar situation that causes a reaction. It is important for the counselor to understand that these emotions might come up and the appropriate way to address them. Seeking assistance in this profession is an important especially if they plan on continue counselor with the set clients. Often times even a therapist attends a counseling just to help sort out some emotions that might arise.

3.10 Gifts: This ethical code has to do with a therapist receive or giving gifts of substantial value, or a gift that might impair the integrity or efficacy of the therapeutic relationship (AAMFT). Often time’s clients want to show appreciation for the healings that they have experienced. Some of the time a simple thank you is not enough, in some cultures it is custom to give a gift. One suggestion that a therapist might try is to place the “no gift giving” in the informed consent. This way the client will have a hard copy of the understandings. Another options is to send out a kindly reminder during the holidays that gift are not needed, all though this practice might be presumptuous.

6.6 Pro Bono: Therapist participate in activities that contribute to society and the community, this might devote a portion of their professional activity to services for little or no financial return (AAMFT). The dilemma with this is determining which client might need a sliding scale. One way is to provide a screening process that will address the types of jobs the client/clients have. Then the counselor can research the hourly or yearly salary of those individual by using government websites like This website will teach the therapist the median salary depending on the position. The important part of Pro Bono is to only allow a certain amount that the therapist is comfortable with, this way the therapist doesn’t get taken advantage of.

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