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(Reynolds, 2005) (Reynolds, 2005) (Reynolds, 2005)

|MMPBL/500 Ethical Filter Worksheet Rubric |
|Week 3 |
| | | | | |
|Criterion |Unsatisfactory |Satisfactory |Exceptional |Score |
| Knowledge of Course Concepts (60%) 6 5.8 |
|Describe How Personal, Cultural, and|Demonstrates a level of |Demonstrates a level of |Demonstrates a level of knowledge | |
|Organizational Values Impact Ethical|knowledge that is below the |knowledge that meets the |that meets or exceeds the requirement| |
|Decision Making |requirement |requirement |and is well supported | |
| | | |You did a fine job addressing the | |
| | | |Personal, cultural and organizational| |
| | | |values such as Facts, Diversity of | |
| | | |Thought, Integrity and Logic and | |
| | | |Instinct I appreciate your personal | |
| | | |values though value like logic could | |
| | | |be challenge to align in a business | |
| | | |setting as there is more than one | |
| | | |logical approach to a problem. | |
| Written Communication (30%) 3 3 |
|Demonstrate Quality and |Written communication is |Written communication is |In addition to meeting the | |
|Effectiveness in Written |ineffective, with numerous |effective |requirements of satisfactory, the | |
|Communication |spelling and grammatical | |paper is engaging to the reader with | |
| |errors or poorly constructed| |concise and clear communication | |
| |sentences | |You did a fine job filling out the | |
| | | |Ethical Filter Worksheet. | |
| Format, Style & Citation Standards (10%) 1 .8 |
|Adhere to University of Phoenix |Numerous errors in format, |Few errors in format, |Virtually no errors in format, style,| |
|Writing Style (APA) Requirements for|style, or reference citation|style, or reference |or reference citation | |
|a Title Page, In-text Citations, and| |citation | | |
|a Reference Page | | | | |
| | |The paper had an | | |
| | |excellent start with | | |
| | |Title and Reference page | | |
| | |though non compliant APA | | |
| | |points include text by | | |
| | |page header and text | | |
| | |above Running Head. I | | |
| | |encourage you to make use| | |
| | |of River Point that can | | |
| | |help you post APA | | |
| | |compliant papers in the | | |
| | |CWE. There is also a | | |
| | |Video Tutorial. | | |
|Final Score==> | 9.6 |
| | | | | |

Ethical Filter Worksheet
Ayana Larry
University of Phoenix

| | | |
|Value |Personal Source |Justify the Value’s Position in the List. Include any |
| | |challenges to employing these values consistently when |
| | |making personal and organizational decisions. |
|Facts |My source for facts is based on personal |Facts were placed at the top of the list because I |
| |experiences and things that I have learned|believe this is the basis for making a good decision. |
| |in this class |When stating the facts, you list the things that have |
| | |caused this problem, and also the things that need to |
| | |be corrected. |
|Logic |My source for logic, is my common sense |Logic will always help to ensure that the decisions |
| |and the ability to understand what will |make sense, are reasonable and attainable, and will |
| |impact the final decision in the company |have a good impact on the business. Logic should be |
| | |used throughout the decision making process, but |
| | |especially in the brainstorming stage. Team members |
| | |should be acknowledging thoughts, and ideas that make |
| | |logical sense and that they see could significantly |
| | |impact their company’s product. |
|Team’s Thoughts/Suggestions |My source is knowing that that the team’s |It is important to make sure that the decision making |
| |thoughts and opinions carry as much weight|process is not one-sided. Each team member must feel |
| |as my own. |included and that their suggestions, thoughts, and |
| | |opinions were given valid consideration. If this is not|
| | |done successfully, dissension within the team could |
| | |potentially prolong the meetings and deter team members|
| | |from participating in the future. |
|Integrity |My source for integrity is my faith, and |The reason that I put integrity close to the bottom is |
| |morals that I was raised with. In |because I think this is a trait that goes without |
| |addition, my pastor for the teachings that|saying. While going through the decision making |
| |I receive consistently. |process, the group should be focusing on the situation |
| | |that needs repairing. I did however, feel that it was |
| | |important to list integrity to make no assumptions to |
| | |ensure that the team would be on the same page. As a |
| | |team leader, it must also be understood that everyone |
| | |doesn’t come from the same cultural and spiritual |
| | |background; so one mustn’t assume that all team members|
| | |feel the same way. |
|Instinct |My source for instinct was my experiences |This is the emotional side of the process. After |
| |mishaps, and lessons learned in corporate |getting feedback from other team members, relying on |
| |America |your instincts will assist in solidifying the best |
| | |decision. It is important to utilize your “gut |
| | |feeling” when deciding. Instinct, in my opinion, is an |
| | |added bonus. |

Kahneman, D., & Klein, G. (2010). When can you trust your gut?. McKinsey Quarterly, (2), 58-67. Retrieved from EBSCOhost database.
Reynolds, Marcia.(2005) How to Make a Logical Decision. Supervisory Leadership

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