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Ethical Issue and Management Paper

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Ethical Issue and Management Paper
October 23 2010

In today work environment mangers are responsible for hiring, training and motivating their team. Managers are often faced with ethical issues that allow them to make decision based on company policies and federal law. But some mangers don’t always follow company and federal law when it comes to the hiring of employees and are sometimes bias with certain applicant.

Part of my job as a manger is to recruit and interview potential candidates for available potions in my company, and by doing this, the first thing I have to do is to screen the applications to see if the applicant meets qualification for the open positions, and if they do the next step is to begin the selection process. There are certain questions an application that refer to age, sex, race and citizenship status that is required as part of the verification process. The application process also calls for prior employment history, as well as the reason for leaving or wanting to leave your current or prior job. Any of the information that the candidate provides is to be used as a lead to gather background information and check references.
As a manager I have an ethical responsibility to hiring for the needs of the business as well as hiring the right person for the job. In today’s job market, we’re hiring people with diverse backgrounds to meet the needs of the public, sometimes hiring managers are faced with moral and ethical issues facing discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin. As a manger I may be face with an ethical dilemma to hire one candidate over another because of race. For example, a manger is hiring for a team leader position and there are two candidates; an African American and a Caucasian American, after interviewing both candidate she determined that the most qualified person for the position...

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