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Ethical Issues Facing Information Technology

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Human beings are not always ethical. If we were all always ethical, there would be no need to discuss ethical matters. Rather, we sometimes do things that are not fair, not right, and not in the best interest of humanity or sometimes, ourselves. This research paper focuses on the ethical issues facing information technology. I will be identifying examples of those ethical issues, situations in which they occur, and helpful ways in which organizations can avoid abuse and catastrophes.

Ethics is defined as moral principles that govern a person or group’s behavior. (insert reference) Now that we know the definition of ethics, then what are ethics in information technology? Ethics in information technology are a set of moral principles that police the use of computers and all forms of telecommunications used to receive, send, and store information. With the rise of information technology, more and more professionals have encountered ethical issues in the workplace and finding out there are situations in which ethical problems are becoming more prevalent. Some examples include; (1) problems with privacy and confidentiality, (2) computer security, and (3) computer crimes and computer related crimes. This paper will focus on these examples.

Problems With Privacy and Confidentiality
Information privacy is the right of an individual to determine what information is collected about them and how it is used. Some people are not aware of ways in which data can be collected or how it is used. Many think they have a level of secrecy as they browse online, but websites are often collecting your personal information within seconds of you clicking on their site. Information, such as your location, address, name, email addresses and even phone number is instantly accessible. Websites start...

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