Ethical Issues to Be Considered in Marketing

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Ethical issues and considerations in Marketing Research
1. Information or data collected from respondents should not used for any other purpose or for any other research work.
In this case the researcher plays crucial role and he can assure respondents about security of the opinions and information given by respondent.
2. Researcher should not force any respondent for answers.
Researcher can explain the importance or necessity of answer of that question for research work, but he/she should not make compulsion or impel respondents to answer a particular question.
3. Protection of data or confidentiality of data
Researcher or research organization should protect data properly. They should keep confidential data or information very safe and secure.
Any client or outside person should not access confidential and important data from organization.
4. In case of personal or sensitive questions, researcher should give time to respondents to think about it, and refuse to participate in study.
Researcher or trained staff of appropriate sex can be used to reduce embarrassment cause. For example, suppose questions are related to female product, then it will be better to select female staff to do the research.
5. Proper, Unbiased and accurate information collection
Marketing researcher should collect accurate information and report to the research organization & client without any bias.
The American Marketing association has established code of ethics i.e. principles of ethical practices of marketing research. We are explaining these points in simple English. These guidelines are for Research users, interviewers and research practitioners.
(Please note: The original language & statements of Marketing research code of ethics given by American Marketing association may differ from this content).
1. The researcher should collect information for specific…...

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