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Ethical Issues in Digital Media

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Ethical Issues with Digital Media
Ethics in digital media involves the moral problem that is associated with the adoption of new communication technologies in daily activities. New advancement of technology has resulted in different techniques that have altered the manner in which business and other activities are undertaken in the world. Examples of digital media are online journalism, blogging sites, and social media. The major concern in the ethics of digital media is the effect of information that is transmitted through these channels. Ordinarily, the role of digital media is to act as a medium of communication. However, in the case that the accuracy of the information is not controlled, it can lead to various impacts to the society. The digital media played a very significant role in the financial crisis through the spread of information. As such, this paper analyses digital media ethics in relation to the global financial crisis and its effects to the society.
The World Financial Crisis The global economic crisis has caused many problems nearly to all the sectors of the economy in the world. Many countries have suffered deep in their growth domestic product while recession has a common experience all over the world. The severity of the crisis has persisted to the recent times, but this can be attributed to the debts incurred by some developed economies like Greece even after strong support from other countries. As a result, the world’s financial system experiencing these global economic crisis of severe staggering magnitude, there are those who believe that it will continue to be experienced across all sectors of the economy. The financial crisis is thought to have been caused by the United States mortgage market through its decision to sell sub-prime mortgages to an expanded number of consumers and, which resulted to modest or insufficient...

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