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Ethical Lense Inventory

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My chosen career is to become a Social Worker dealing with kids and their families. I have so much love for kids that I just want to see smiles on their faces. I want to start as a Social Worker and work my way up to become a Child Protective Specialist. Becoming a CPS would mean a lot to me because it will make me help kids get out of harm that is caused by parents or guardians. It also will make me feel better knowing that some kids are going to sleep safe at night and trying to live a normal life. The strengths that I bring to this career are a strong and open mind, work efficient, and can work under pressure. Having these strengths makes me more valuable because my supervisor would be able to see the kind of person that I am and will value my work. They would see that I can be able to handle cases on my own and hopefully get promoted to a higher position.
The opportunities that I would make for myself improvement to allow me to be more valuable in the workplace would be to sometimes think outside the box and understand my clients with a better and clearer understanding. The opportunities that I look forward to is getting to help kids and hopefully landing a supervisor position with New York City ACS Agency. The result of my Ethical Lens Inventory was that my personal preferred Lens was None – periscope and Paralysis. This means that I see the gifts and weaknesses of each lens and I am able to move smoothly among them to adopt the right tools to each situation to get the best outcome. It also says that I listen to my intuition to decide what best for individuals as well as the virtues that will best serve the community. One way that my personal Ethical Lens will direct my academic behavior is by helping me to see the things in others prospective and also adjust to different situations quickly. My Ethical Lens influence critical thinking by letting me help others...

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