Ethical & Moral Issues

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Ethical & Moral Issues in Business
Jennifer Luttrell (Webb)

Ethical & Moral Issues in Business
Natural habits are the nurturer of one’s personal habitats; these personal habits are developed by the teaching of right from wrong. Morals as we know them are developed, and in business and in life are the ethical decisions that are at the discretion of the individual. In the following paper, a few questions will be answered, what the differences are between ethical and moral issues, the differences between personal and business ethics. Finally, explanations will be given of these ethical issues with today’s business environment that impact communities and organizations.
Differences in ethical & moral
Moral and ethical can sometimes be taken to have the same meaning, however “moral reasoning beings with the consideration of a moral or ethical issue” (LaBossiere, 2004, para. 1). Ethical decisions have three main parts, unmoral facts, concepts, and finally moral and ethical aspects. An example of issues that may occur within any business are, employees using the company’s finances for personal pleasure, the inaccuracy of reporting time worked, and of course, interoffice relationships. When these issues occur a business will most likely use the Code of Ethics. Although some of these issues discussed can be morally wrong by the Code of Ethics standards these issues are not considered to be ethically wrong according to the standards, unless the business itself prohibits interoffice relationships. Upholding these standards and morals within a business is a part of business ethics. The implantation of these standards and morals will not only lay the responsibility on all employees, but to the stockholders as well.
“Every organization needs a mission, a direction to which it’s many parts and processes are dedicated. Purpose is something more…...

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