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Ethical Principals

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Running Head: Final Argumentative Paper

Is it necessary to have universal ethical principles? Maryann kalleon PHI 208: Introduction to Philosophy October 6, 2013

I think it is very necessary to have universal ethical principles. Differences in culture can bring about different concepts of values and morals based on a person’s environment and upbringing. It is for that one particular reason that I feel Universal ethical principals are required in order to maintain peace and equality as far as respect goes. As human’s we can be very judgemental, especially when it comes to things, or customes we are not familiar with. It is bad enough that judgment can be made based on race, gender, and sexuality. Having universal ethical principals to live by, will help us approach those differences maturaly and further protect the right’s that we need to live as we choose, and practice what we believe in. What I feel is right, might not necessary be right to the next person. Therefore there needs to be some type of ethical principals in place so that we can respect each other’s opinions and culture. In this paper I will explain the importance of having universal ethical principles, the pros and cons that the issue addresses, while providing an argument that state’s my point of view from the two perspective.
Ethics allows us to reflect and make critical attempt’s , which leads to finding a common ground for reasonable moral beliefs. Our opinions would simply be opinions,if moral values are neither right or wrong. Although I have an open mind…...

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