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1. Although I’m sure that there are many differences in the United States when it comes to dealing with culture and individualism, I do believe that pluralism and diversity is growing each and every day whether we like it or not. There are so many different cultures living in the United States that we talk and work with them on an everyday basis so we just learn to deal and communicate with them. I do not seem to have many weaknesses in diversity other than not knowing much about different cultures. If I run into someone from a different culture or we work together then I will still talk to them and try to learn from them. Different cultures do not bother me too much. I feel that everyone gets a chance because we are all human beings. If they or I want to talk about our culture or want to know more about it then I will listen and I will learn and try to understand their culture and beliefs. 2. I think that we do need to set more rules and obey those rules about crossing the border. I do not have a problem with those who want to become united states citizens, however, I do have a problem with those who do not try to become united states citizens and are just illegal in our country and taking our jobs away from citizens. I think that there should be guidelines about whom and how individuals work for our country. Communication is the key to everything. We need to communicate with everyone as much as possible. Everyone in the states needs to know what is happening in our country and what we are supposed to do about certain situations. As far as culture’s go we just need to learn to deal with that and learn how to communicate with that individual just because there really isn’t anything we can do about it so why not get along? We can learn from one another, we can gain knowledge from one another. There is a lot we can do and learn with everyone’s opinions.

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