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Ethical Self-Assessment Paper

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Ethical Self-Assessment Paper

Ethical Self-Assessment Paper Organizations deal with decision-making situations all the time. In a health care setting there is no exceptions. Decision making situations arise on a daily basis sometimes they are related to patient care other times they are related to patient experience or even situations where the patient may not even be involved. Due to trends in health care and the complex ethics and laws involved it is extremely important for health care professionals and administrators to maintain a level of professionalism and feel part as though they belong. “The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) is an international professional society of more than 35,000 healthcare executives who lead hospitals, healthcare system and other healthcare organizations. ACHE is known for its prestigious FACHE® credential, signifying board certification in healthcare management, and its educational programs including the annual Congress on Healthcare Leadership” (American College of Healthcare Executives, n.d.). ACHE offers a self-assessment test that can be taken which is composed of several moral questions. Its main purpose is to identify areas of improvement by reviewing the questions’ answers. Any questions that were not answered with an “always” can be an area of weakness and may need to be reviewed to find ways to improve. The test is broken down into several sections to identify different areas in which a person working in a health care setting may be involved, even those who are not directly involved with patients. “Healthcare executives have an obligation to act in ways that will merit the trust, confidence, and respect of healthcare professionals and the general public. Therefore, healthcare executives should lead lives that embody an exemplary system of values and ethics” (American College...

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...Ethical Self Assessment Abstract * As Health care executives in this globally diverse world where cultural beliefs blends with societal ethics can one truly define ethics? What might be right to one person may not be right to another person. Ethics is one of the most important topics that should be addressed not just in this industry but in every aspects of the business world. But a major challenge with ethics is that it is a very relative term. After completing the American College of Healthcare Executives Ethical Self Assessment, the author found answers to questions included in this paper. Such this paper will address what I learn about my own ethical decision making from the self-assessments. The effect of professional ACHE standards to my ethical decision making will be discussed in this paper. How my individual ethics influence my decision making will be enumerated in this paper. Finally the strategies that I can adopt to improve my ethical decision making in the future will be enumerated in this paper. Ethical Self Assessment Paper As Hermans and Oles (1994) states, “The human person not only lives in a world of values but also is able to create values on a personal perspective” (p. 569). Value to me simply describes an individual or cultural belief system an individual may have. Values are viewed as objects or ideals important to an individual, called personal, or group of individuals, culture, or family....

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...Ethical Self-Assessment Paper Name HCS 545 Due Date Instructors Name Abstract Ethics are paramount to the healthcare management field, and the American College of Healthcare Executives has undertaken a number of initiatives to demonstrate the organization's commitment to ethics and support its members in making ethical decisions. (ACHE, 2013). This paper will examine the influence of individual ethics on decision making within the health care industry. It will discuss what the self-assessment taught me about my own ethical decision making, the effect of professional ACHE standards on my own ethical decision making, how individual ethics influence my decision making, and what strategies I can adopt to improve my ethical decision making in the future. Self-assessment Results The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) offers a self-assessment in which you examine yourself enabling you to learn more about yourself. The self-assessment is not a scoring assessment and therefor requires each individual to recognize the areas in which they have strong ethics, and areas that may need improvement. Any questions answered with “always” identified an area of potential weakness where ethics could be compromised. The self-assessment enabled me to see my strengths and weaknesses so that I could identify the areas in need of improvement....

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...Ethical Self-Assessment Paper   Ethical Self-Assessment The assignment calls for self-examination of what influences the ethical decisions individually made within the health care industry, as well as describing or defining lessons learned from self-assessment. The American College of Health Care Executives (ACHE) has developed a series of questions, designed to demonstrate the ethical decision making process. This paper will address what, how, and why I would choose the ethical decisions made in healthcare. As a health care professional in society today, there will be daily situations that call for an ethical decision to be made. According to (2012) “Ethics is being in accordance with the accepted principles of right and wrong that govern the conduct of a profession”. The ethical decision will be comprised of two things, the beliefs developed by the organization for employees to carry out and the beliefs the individuals have set for themselves. There are always guidelines to adhere to in the health care field as far as patient care, privacy, treatment, and delivery, but ethical decisions are based on moral values instilled in the worker. There are a few things that I learned from this assessment. But one that stands out the most is when making an ethical decision, especially as a health care professional, it is not just about the personal moral beliefs....

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...Abstract In this paper, I discuss the results of Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment, what Kudler Fine Foods appears as an organization, and an evaluation of my performance as a manager at Kudler. Personal Values Paper The mission of self-assessment is to promote ethics in community through research, education and leadership, by helping adults to judge, care and do what is right. These three points are the ingredients for moral maturity. A commitment to personal ethics is about developing a moral self capable of dealing with ethical issues as they arise ( Ethical Perspective Assessment According to the self-assessment, a person’s ethical awareness profile can be closely aligned with four different values: ‘C’, for character, ‘O’, for obligation, ‘R’ for results, and ‘E’ for equity. This essentially classifies people whose ethical perspectives are based on moral values and principles (‘C’), feeling obligated to do what is morally right (‘O’), the consequence of their actions (‘R’) and using their daily experience to steer them through ethical decision- making process (‘E’). My Personal Values Of the four different values, I base my ethical perspectives primarily on ‘O’ or obligation. I believe that human beings have intrinsic value and deserve equal respect. Therefore, I cannot support social decisions or traditions aimed at the best interests of society while discarding the feelings of a few....

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...Personal Values MGT/521 November/23/2009 Charles Raney   Personal Values In this paper I will talk about my experience with the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory (EAI) self-assessment in relation with my personal values. Base on my experience with the self-assessment, I will talk about what Kudler Fine Foods recognize as values within the organization. This paper will also compare how my values align with the values of Kudler Fine Foods. After comparing the values alignment I will talk about the way these values would affect my performance if I was a manager at Kudler Fine Foods. The Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment represents prominently ethical philosophy, which is use to analyze your own characteristics on ethics. I have learned that ethical perspectives vary depending on the individual and can provide me with a general point of view to approach ethical issues. According to EAI ethical decision making is compose of three important factors, awareness, articulation, and application. These factors develop my understanding and identification of my CORE believes, which will reflect my personal ethical perspective and style. According to the Ethical Awareness Inventory my ethical perspective is least closely aligned with equity....

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...The purpose of this paper is to reflect on Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment and my personal values in conjunction with the management values at Kudler Fine Foods. The summary of this paper will show how ethical decision- making involves three components-awareness, articulation and application that will focus on my personal values and ethics. I will focus on a number of meticulous instances, people and events that shape my beliefs or values. I will also emphasize how these values will affect the decision-making process and the impact on the Kudler Fine Foods company. I would like to implement the Value Theory and Personal value for the purpose of adding structure to my personal assessment. First and foremost, how would I define my personal values? My definition would be, what I believe in and how I am. My personal values build the way I am and shape the way I perceive things. I learned my values from a family oriented home in addition to a village that looked after me when my parents are not around. My mother stayed home and a father who worked out of state and traveled a lot. The majority of my values were urbanized from what I learned all through life. I will improve my values by living and developing better values that will benefit society and me. In doing so I will develop more and improve my values by practicing what is right or wrong. Rules can also provide a path or guideline to improve and expand values that are supplementary positive....

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...Personal Values Paper Students at University of Phoenix were asked to complete the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment. The students were then instructed to examine the Ethics Awareness Inventory and the ethical profile they are most closely aligned with and least closely aligned with. They were then asked to compare their personal values to the values of Kudler Fine Foods. Therefore, this paper will examine the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment, the results of Tracey Adams, a University of Phoenix student, and how her values compare to the values of Kudler Fine Foods. People make decisions in their business and personal life and must rely on their values to make ethical decisions. How can ethics be categorized or defined? Ethics are defined by The Williams Institute as “a branch of philosophy, is concerned with morality, moral problems and moral judgments, dealing with such elusive terms as values, right and good. It deals with issues beyond the realm of traditional rules and customs and unconscious habits” (The Williams Institute for Ethics and Management, 2008). The Ethics Awareness Inventory provides test takers with two ethical perspectives: one they are most aligned with and one they are least aligned with. These perspectives make up the acronym CORE (Character, Obligation, Results, and Equity). The character perspective focuses on what it is good to be rather than what it is good to do....

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