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Ethical Theories in Information Technology

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This assignment will define and discuss the ethical theory of Kantianism. Kantian ethics is based on abiding by moral laws that are universal for everyone. It allows us to rationalize our decisions based on our duty to do what is right. This assignment will also discuss how Kantianism represents my personal principles. Kantianism provides moral laws that provide a sense of equality for all people. There are also several arguments that are against Kantianism and will dispute the theory. But the overall goal of Kantianism is to ensure that every person is treated with respect. In addition, this assignment will discuss and defend my position on a contemporary IT issue using a practical ethical theory.

Unit 1 Assignment 1
Ethical Theory-Kantian The ethical theory that I have chosen that best represents my personal principles is Kantianism. This theory was named after the German philosopher Immanuel Kant. According to Quinn, “Kant believed that people’s actions ought to be guided by moral laws, and that these moral laws were universal” (Quinn, 2013, para. 2). The universal law is the belief that everyone tries to do the right thing and be a rational person and therefore rational decisions can be applied to everyone in the world. Kantianism does not consider the consequences of the ethical issues to be important, rather it is based on what should be done or doing the right thing regardless of the consequences. Kant’s decision is based on the theory that nothing is good without qualification. This means that the only thing that is good is good will or good intentions. The belief is that if a person does a good deed without expecting to gain something or having a hidden agenda for doing that good deed is a good person (“Kant’s moral theory,” n. d.). For example, if a person donates a car, money or clothes to a charity in order to get a break on taxes he...

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