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Ethical Workplace Report

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Ethical Workplan Report

In light of recent events regarding our whistles that contained more than the legal limit of lead I believe we should review our ethics policies. First, ethical behavior starts at the top. It begins and ends with our top management and directors. We set the example and the bar for appropriate behavior. By making the decision we did with the whistle shipment, we set an example for our employees that we care about what is right and not just what makes us money. Our first strategy for implementing a strict ethical code within our company is to begin by publishing our ethical policies where our employees can access them and implementing a repercussion free and anonymous tip line for an employee to report any instances that are in conflict with our ethical policies. By doing this we have "eyes on the ground" for us. As a follow up to the previous, we should have ethical training annually for our current employees and initial training for our new hires. We could put together a computer training or class training where there will be a test and an attestation that needs to be signed by each employee that they completed and understand the training. This training would be taken at every level of the organization. This will also solidify in the minds of all employees that we take this very seriously. We all benefit from adopting these recommendations. As an ethical company in a world filled with greed and concern with only the bottom line, we will stand out. Our employees will spread the word about being a good place to work and people will trust us with toys for their children. We will have a solid and responsible public image. Even more important than that, we let our employees know that we expect them to be honest and conduct themselves with integrity. One such company with a strong ethical policy is...

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