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Ethics and Compliance for Lowe's


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Ethics and Compliance for Lowe's
Corporate ethics and compliance with financial regulations are crucial for the success of companies in today’s marketplace. Organizations thus find themselves defining and outlying their policies to ensure business is conducted ethically. Organizations which are involved in the financial markets in the United States also must outline their policies and procedures to ensure they are in compliance with all Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC) rules and regulations. This includes providing complete and accurate information in their financial reporting so that investors can make informed decisions when considering investing in a particular company. One company that does all of the above is Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Lowe's, its board of directors, executive leadership team, and stakeholders take ethics and compliance seriously and their committed to protecting their culture of integrity (Lowe's, 2012). The board of directors oversees the sound governance practices that have guided the success of the organization for decades. Through constructive engagement with management and shareholders, and informed by their core values, the board provides oversight and counsel that strengthens the culture of integrity, accountability, and responsible business practices (Lowe's, 2012). “The Company has a share repurchase program that is executed through purchases made from time to time either in the open market or through private transactions. The Company also withholds shares from employees to satisfy either the exercise price of stock options exercised or the statutory withholding tax liability resulting from the vesting of restricted stock awards” (Lowe's, 2012).
There are many procedures Lowe’s has in place to ensure ethical behavior, which are all outlined in their Code of Business Conduct and Ethics booklet. Failure to comply with the Code

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