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Ethics and Leadership in Criminal Justice

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Ethics and Leadership in Criminal Justice 1
Final Exam

1. Universal responsibility. I’d like to start out by defining the two.1. Universal-means of or pertaining to the universe, all nature, or all existing things. 2.Responsibility-to make one's actions and task their own, the willing acceptance of the consequences of my actions. Individuals, Institutions, Governments and International organizations make judgment about what is just and what is unjust based on a complex and general frameworks of moral and political values. These frameworks vary considerably across cultures and over time, but through the centuries prophets, philosophers and other intellectuals have repeatedly attempted to identify common ground that would allow all human beings in their own and in successive generations to agree on definitions of right and wrong, good and bad, just and unjust. By far the greatest single danger facing humankind – in fact, all living beings on our planet-is the threat of nuclear destruction. I would like to appeal to the leaders of the nuclear powers who literally hold the future of the world and their hands, to the scientists and technicians who continue to create these awesome weapons of destruction, and to all the people at large who are in a position to influence their leaders I appeal to them to exercise their sanity and began to work at dismantling and destroying all nuclear weapons, because we all know that in the event of a nuclear war, there are no victors, there will be no survivors! This to me is just one part of the universal responsibility that we should all take part in. Universal responsibilities cover so much, there is hunger all over the world, there is protest all over the world, there is crime all over the world, there is
political unrest all over the world. Crime against nature,...

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