Ethics Awareness Inventory

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Ethics Awareness Inventory
Michelle Duffield
July 10, 2011
Karlene Kilmer

Ethics Awareness Inventory Paper
The Ethics Awareness Inventory and the results were insightful and fascinating. The inventory appear to be a almost like fortune cookie conjuring. It will be interesting to know whether the determination is empirically valid. The assumption articulates ethical perception and technique. How ethical conduct can evaluate ethical conduct except through measurable results is not easily understood. If the results cannot be accurately measured, then confident objectivity that the fundamental moral construct even exists or is of any penalty to ordinary people.
The Role of Personal Ethics in Psychology
Ethical guiding principles shift focus as of late from personal character to organizational ethics. The major focal point of this change is, “…the misuse of power and discretion by individuals performing organizational roles” (Ethics Awareness Inventory, 2006, Introduction). The client-patient association in psychological therapy and clinical practice is the creation of ethical guidelines with the possibility for abuse of control and lack of attention to discretion. The results-centered approach to psychology would dictate the actions of the clinician must be in line with the declared principled rules of the practitioners. Also, ethical perspective recommends that ethical guidelines that support the practice of psychology should seek the greater good for the greatest sector of humanity.
Affect of Ethics Application of Psychological Principles to Personal, Spiritual, Social, and Organizational Issues
The inventory begins with a quick introduction about the process, applicability, and purpose of the measure (Ethics Awareness Inventory, 2006). It is made clear that ethical decision making is comprised of three separate tasks: awareness,…...