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TV Ethics Homework Assignment

One of my favorite types of TV shows are those with a little sci-fi in mixed. One of my top favorites is Smallville which is centered around Superman (AKA Clark Kent) during his high school years. Unlike the famous TV show, the city of Smallville is plagued with abnormal activities from meteor rocks that are found around the small country town in central Kansas. The show was first released in 2001 and the episode in conversation takes place in the second season
Much of the storyline is centered around the young super hero learning about his abilities and keeping them a secret from his close friends. In one episode a toxin is discovered on the Kent family farm which has infected both Clark and his mother Martha. The severity of the situation is getting worse and CDC is now getting involved. When Clark’s situation worsens, his father Jonathon calls on the assistance of their family doctor. He is not without doubt and has the doctor make a special visit to the farm and makes the doctor promise not make any medical records of any kind, not even labels for the blood that she draws from Clark. While this is all taking place, a darker character named Lex Luther is trying to find out everything that he can about the meteor’s, especially the Kent’s unexplained connection.
The ethical issue in question is not something complex or supernatural as the story and character of Superman, but it does give a fresh look at the medical professional/ patient relationship that must respected and followed. The doctor in the episode was burdened with responsibility to keep her patient’s medical records and identity confidential—no matter what. However, things are not always that simple. One could argue that as medical professionals that we must honor whatever our patient’s share with us in complete confidentiality. In this case…...