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Ethics Game Delima

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Ethics Game Dilemma
Mysterious Roses and Cold Feet
March 12, 2013

Abstract Sexual Harassment and Falsifying data are an unethical practice that could happen in an organization. Leaders are required to take action. In the case of the Mysterious Roses and the case of the Cold Feet G BioSport find themselves resolving serious dilemmas. This discuss will address decision-making steps, ethical lenses used to make decisions, and ethical lenses that influence decisions.

Ethical issues presented in the simulation The Mysterious Roses and the Case of the Cold feet were two simulation that present different issues with different solution. The Mysterious Roses dealt with a sexual harassment incident with Gayle Dornier a worker with G-BioSport. Gayle was receiving roses mysteriously, and she was clearly perplexed by the mysterious gesture. The suspect in question is Bill Witherspoon. The issue is that Gayle wants to speak about a confidential matter. Initially advising Gayle that the conversation will be confidential; however, if it consists of work related issue it may have to be reported. It was advised for her to prepare better, Gayle will need to read the handbook before the meeting. This leaves her with control of the situation and management’s role in clear view. The issue surrounding the Case of the Cold Feet is that someone in the company falsely reported study data in another division’s work. After a little internal investigation the reports Phillip Waters gave are definitely incorrect. Division Medical Director; Phillips Waters have given false data on an upcoming article on a research study that has been changed and cannot be replicated. The issue is this is a whistle blowing case.
Decision-making steps taken to address ethical issues
To derive at a decision for the Mysterious Roses, and the Case of the Cold Feet identifying the primary...

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