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Ethics in Distance Education

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Ethics in Distance Education
Anna Amen
Strayer University Ethics in Distance Education
In today’s world, technology has had a major impact in allowing students to attend college courses over the internet. Distance Education, or Distance learning, is a form of education where the professor and student are separated by distance. This has become a very popular way of learning for students to either start or continue their education. With the use of computers, students are able to communicate over the internet with their professor over discussion boards, video conferencing, and chat rooms. Students have gained a huge interest in distance education since they are able to use these forms of communication through a computer instead of attending a traditional classroom. Distance education is mainly preferred by students because it is flexible, convenient and the variety and availability of classes offered. Students are able to attend classes online on their own time allowing them to work around school and family obligations. It also allows them to attend classes anywhere they are located as to having to be on campus to take classes. The classes that are not available on campus are available online along with many other classes a student can participate in. By having these types of advantages, it is no wonder how distance education is becoming increasingly popular among students and people who want to go back to school to further their education.
There has been much debate on how distance education is able to meet the standards of a traditional classroom setting. Some people feel that it is a waste of time and by far does not compare to the education a person receives in a classroom environment. On the other hand, many people feel that it is just as much the same as being instructed on campus. It is up…...

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