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Ethics in Social Media Marketing

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Ethics in Social Network Marketing

Nowadays everyone is connected to the web, whether its through social media, email, and or blog. All of us on a daily basis see or come across an advertisement whether we like it or not. Now the question arises what is ethical in media world of marketing? Whats wrong? Whats right? “It pays to have integrity.” This quote by David is the key and the answer to these questions. First thing you want to acknowledge is how you want to be seen as a person or the company you represent. People want that fast dollar and don’t want to put in the work to really build a relationship with its community, like David Skul says “when you embark on a social network marketing campaign…you are joining a community.” I can’t tell you how much I dislike spam and non targeted marketing. Believe or not there is a lot of money in that type of marketing, its unbelievable. Popular and high traffic websites like Facebook and the rookie Instagram are being used primarily to push out millions of spam and advertisements. It’s so OUT OF CONTROL. Everything is out of order in the media world when it comes to marketing. Its a free for all and people are taking advantage of it. Wheres the integrity? When you join a community “you need to participate as a member…” In order to be a successful marketer you need to take the time to communicate with your audience and build a relationship. Also knowing pop culture, whats trending? whats not? what do people like? what interests them? These are the types of questions one must ask when starting a marketing campaign. You don’t need a huge book full of rules of ethics in social network marketing, its simple, be honest, humble, upfront, and show people that you are interested in more than just...

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