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Ethics: Lets Make a 4th Quarter Deal

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The manager’s hot seat addresses a situation between Jason and Gina. Jason is the Director of New Accounts and has been faced with a fall in department-wide investments of nearly 50% in the past two years. Gina is the Assets Manager and is responsible for investments of up to six million dollars. To date for the current year, she has brought in 3.5 million dollars in investments.

Statement of the Problem

The company is faced with layoffs and downsizing, if Fourth Quarter numbers do no improve, up to half the staff will be laid off and year-end bonuses will be eliminated.

Cause of the Problem

Jack, the chairmen of the board, wishes to invest 4 million dollars to the company before the shareholders can meet to approve the investment essentially bypassing them.

Decision Criteria

Utilitarian Model – The greatest good in this case would be to save the jobs of the employees. However, the correct steps for making a deal would be skipped and there could be problems in the future if the deal is found to be illegal or wrong.

Moral Rights Model – The moral rights model would be that the employees are affected by the actions of their superiors. The superiors should follow honest business practices.

Justice Model – The just thing would be to treat this deal as all other deals are treated by going through the correct pathways. Just because Gina is a friend of Jacks doesn’t mean his deal should get special treatment and pushed forward,


If the deal is to go through, it should go through the correct pathways. All parties need to work out the specifics of the deal and the issue of Jack and the stakeholders needs to be addressed before the deal can go any further. After the stakeholder issue is addressed, the deal can be made in writing and the correct paperwork filed.

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