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Ethics and Credibility in Business Communications

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Ethics and Credibility in Business Communications
Kristen Barnes
March 27, 2016
Randi Barnes-Plante

Ethics and Credibility in Business Communications
Social Media can be an effective form of communication for business to consumer relationships. Not only does it allow the business to keep everyone up to date on the latest developments within the company, but it also allows the consumer to reach out to the business without having to make a phone call. We all lead busy lives, and being placed on hold for thirty minutes, just to have a simple question answered, can be somewhat of an inconvenience. With social media, that inconvenience is replaced with a few clicks of a button.
After visiting Toyota’s Facebook page, the overall presence was mixed, for me. The company made multiple posts throughout the day; some were just for fun, and some were factual. After reading some of the replies, from consumers, those were mixed, as well. Some posts showed pictures of old Toyota’s, and how they’ve always been loyal customers. Others, were full of complaints. I believe that with any company, this is going to happen; but it’s up to the company to communicate and try to make it right. I noticed that Toyota was fairly prompt in replying to the negative comments, and would refer them to the customer service number. While I’m not certain what happened from there, they at least made the effort to let the customer know that their complaint was not something to take lightly.
I believe that one way Toyota can approach their complaints in a more effective way, is for them to contact the customer; instead of just referring them to customer service. Chances are, the customer has that number already, and they went to Facebook for a quicker resolution. Facebook has a private message feature, and Toyota could easily send them a personal message, with steps to take. To me,...

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