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Ethics of Care

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498 | Ethics Of CareParul Jindal

I consider Ethics of Care as a suitable interpretation of my decision-making. I strongly believe that decisions taken on any level of management boils down to a common core: Relationship between people, empathy and a strong sense of social responsibility. It is the people that build an organization. If there is a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship between people involved, directly or indirectly, it will lead to healthy decisions and in turn benefit everyone. Decisions made with monetary benefits of few in mind cannot lead to a healthy and content social life.

In the presented article regarding Tax Evasion, according to me, by not paying the comprehensive tax, the corporate are not replenishing the money spent by the government to sustain the companies in their country. Lawyers and accountants hired for the sole purpose of finding loopholes in the regulations are paid well above their pay grade for such workarounds and they do not hesitate in obliging with the demand. Corporate organizations move their profit centers to other tax-lenient countries to enhance their profit statements and often forget about the government’s expenditure on developing the infrastructure to sustain these businesses. The most adversely affected are government-aided organizations that survive on these taxes such as NGOs, which strive for the betterment of the disadvantaged.

Another concern is that, by getting parts and products made overseas, companies hinder financial growth of the working class population of the country. Apart from shareholders, there are others affected by the decisions any organization makes. People like the employees or the suppliers depend on the company’s discretion and are not benefitted from the organization’s decision to move the production abroad. They are deprived of the job and businesses opportunities, in...

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